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How coaching changed my life?

Failed business attempts, disappointments, health issues, heartbreaks, failure after failure.... that's what I chose to see. Looking back, I know it was lesson after lesson, there was so much growth in all this pain. Now I love it and I love it some more every time I recall any of those amazing experiences that I used to call failures. When unexpected knocks at your door and turns your life upside down, you know that there’s a major shift comin

For me, a brain haemorrhage was "the unexpected". It happened to my sister and then it happened to me within just 3 months of one another. My sister suffered a stroke as a result of her haemorrhage, in turn losing her ability to speak and understand, fortunately she later regained these after a long rehabilitation. I was lucky and experienced no long term side effects but since it is the brain and an uncontrollable bleed we are talking about, the risks were there at all times. I was scared, very scared. I saw my life pass in my mind like a roll of 80s film, clip by clip.

I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. Why?

“If I was to die right now, have I actually truly lived?”

I couldn’t help it, this question was stuck in my mind like a leech that did not want to let go.

I hadn’t.

That was my answer.

I was alive, but I did not live. My life was automatic. Every Monday I wished it was Friday already, wishing my five days away just so that I could live for two, only to repeat the same process the following week. I would spend my evenings stuck to a TV watching series that did nothing for me except for making me feel insecure within myself, making me wish I was someone else, someone better than who I was. I spent my hard earned money buying things that I didn’t need for a short lived burst of happiness, not realising that even though I paid with a debit card, it was not money I was spending, it was my time.

When that realisation hit me I couldn’t imagine living another moment pondering about who I could or could not be.

I could have looked at all my past experiences and given up, I could have continued to complain about others, to gossip, to be that person that wants nothing from life but momentary pleasures, but I didn't. I decided to put my efforts into living. Old school living, the living in a moment. For the first time in my life I looked at my life one little NOW after another.

How beautiful was that? Feeling how amazing and wonderful every moment of my life was if I only decided to see it that way. Wow, I was alive. I decided not to complain about anything, to look at everything from the bright side. Forming new beliefs wasn’t easy but I kept on growing, kept on pushing. As my coach used to say "Repetition is a mother of skill" and it's exactly that which built my character. Repetition. I disciplined and educated myself every step of the way. I fixed my soul and my heart by allowing myself to be who I truly am without the need to please others, without the need to conform.

I removed all doubt and all the doubters because I am who I decide to be and no one else can tell me otherwise. 

And trust me, there were people who couldn’t understand my journey, people who didn't understand why I was changing so quickly.

“But you were watching this series yesterday?”

I don’t watch it anymore.

“You never used to go to the gym”

Now I do.

“Why aren’t you complaining, it’s unlike you”

Because I decided that the only person that can change my circumstances is me, no one else can do it for me. I cannot control other people or situations but I can always control how I react to them. That’s why complaining is no longer for me.

You need to understand, you have no obligation to be the person you were yesterday if you choose not to be. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t be. Never aim to be the same, you should always strive for growth, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I started to believe in myself because if I couldn’t do that, why should anyone else? I choose to see myself as a Goddess, as a Queen and I believe you should too. You are Kings and Queens, you just have to learn to see it, because in truth, you’re invaluable, indispensable, we all play a role here. We are all unique, there is no one else who can do a better job at being you than you can. Remember that. You are your King and you are your Queen, you're the ruler of your life, start acting like one.

My first coach helped me realise that I am in charge. It was a hard decision as I looked at it as a sign of weakness, as if I cannot handle my life on my own, right now, I know it was the best decision I ever made. It’s what helped me see things from a different perspective, it was like having a friend who would not only question my limiting beliefs but help me find the root of them so that I could fix them without dwelling too much on the past or worrying too much about the future. It's like all of a sudden, my power was given back to me in more ways than I could have imagined.

Being coached helped me realise that what I truly want to do is help others find their inner strength. Help others find their potential and show them how strong and powerful they really are.

This is why, I want to coach YOU. I want you to be the best version of yourself too. I want you to feel good every single day and when you don't, it's ok too. When you wake up feeling sad, anxious and overwhelmed it is ok because I know that we will find the tools that are right for you to help you cope with all of these things that life keeps on throwing at us.

It is your thought process and your beliefs that we will challenge together. We will put YOU in charge of your life.

It’s that urge to help others reach greatness and understanding that drives me every day. That’s what makes me get out of the bed in the morning, it is what allows me to be myself in front of you and in front of others. I know how life changing it is because I did it. I know it takes guts to admit you’re stuck, it takes guts to admit you need guidance and it takes even more guts to remain consistent and committed to growth but you know what? If anyone can do it, it is YOU.

I call myself a Women’s Lifestyle Coach.

It’s not because I don’t want to coach men, quite the opposite, I do and oh, what a great experience it usually is. I have however spent the majority of my life surrounded by females. Seeing their insecurities, worries, oppression and pain helped me find out that it’s coaching women that I’m great at. After all, I am a female, a strong, beautiful, independent, sexual and phenomenal woman who wants nothing for you but to feel the same.

There is one more thing I want to say, I am not here to stay. Our relationship will not be long lasting, I would never want you to become dependent on me, and this is what I believe many coaches try to do. I don't want to hold your hand through your life. I want to give you tools and ideas that we agree on together and that you can use to coach yourself to be better and do better, so that you can continue to strive and grow long after we’re done.

If you feel that you’re not where you’re supposed to be, drop me a message and let's see if we can work together. I offer a free 20 minute phone call to see if I am the right coach for you.

I hope that you enjoyed the read and that I’ll be hearing from you soon.

Love & Light

Mags x


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