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About Me

Hey there! I'm Magda, and I am thrilled to see that you got this far! At Life Coach Mags, I am dedicated to helping individuals like you achieve their fullest potential and lead fulfilling, authentic lives.

I first learned about coaching when I hit a roadblock in my own life and was struggling to move past it. The techniques I developed with my first coach were so successful that friends and family began asking me for help with their own challenges. This led me to qualify as a life coach and NLP practitioner in 2017. Eager to expand my coaching knowledge and skills, I pursued additional qualifications from The Coaching Academy in 2021, and I proudly hold the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) badge from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In my pursuit of holistic wellness, I also obtained a personal training qualification—an endeavour that reflects my commitment to overall health and well-being. Although my background has encompassed the fashion and corporate environments for the majority of my adult career, coaching is definitely my true calling.

As a mum of a beautiful girl, I can relate to the challenges of juggling work and family life. Guided by the desire to empower my daughter, I am dedicated to teaching her how to be unapologetically authentic. This same value guides my work with clients—I aim to help you embrace your true self and live a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.


One of the cornerstones of my coaching approach is my belief in the power of introspection. I firmly believe that the answers lie within us, and my coaching methodologies are designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom and uncover your true potential. I tailor my coaching techniques to suit your individual needs, ensuring that our sessions are effective and transformational.


On a personal note, I am a proud vegan and the author of 'Easy Way to Go Vegan', a book that shares my journey and provides practical tips and guidance for embracing a vegan lifestyle. This passion for health, wellbeing, and personal growth infuses my coaching practice, as I guide you towards holistic success—mind, body, and spirit. I coach my clients in a way that utilises both - their heads and their hearts. I’ve been successfully coaching people in person and online throughout the world and helping them facilitate their self-growth.


I am genuinely excited to embark on this coaching journey with you. Together, we will unlock your inner power, overcome any obstacles, and create a life that exudes authenticity and fulfilment. So, let's take that first step towards the extraordinary life you deserve. I can't wait to work with you!

If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call, please get in touch today by clicking on the button below.  

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