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"Magda has been amazing right from the start, her passion and excitement for helping women shines through. Within the first session, she starting questioning my beliefs and giving me new angles to look at things from, helping me start to accept myself as I am, somehow seems to realise what I need before I do. She gave me advice for actions I can take to start making positive changes straight away, and kept in touch between sessions by emailing me relevant blog posts and new suggestions to try in the week, which made it feel like she really cares. After just two sessions I have noticed some really positive changes in the way I'm thinking and feeling, I can't wait to see what else we can work on. Lovely woman and amazing coach!"

Beth McLoughlin

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"Magda’s professional approach, respectful, positive, but also assertive and challenging - is something so rarely seen these days. She pushes you to actively seek self-improvement, to better yourself and stay strong whilst facing daily distractions and temptations. It’s often a difficult process, but you couldn’t wish for a better person to guide you on it!
Highly recommended!"

Irina Shiretorova

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"Magda definitely knows what she is talking about. She see right through you and knows what you need and how to help. Thanks Magda for reminding me of my inner strength <3 Would I recommend her? Hell yeah I would!!!"

Kim Bartholdi

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"Very knowledgeable, good in-depth information and
a nice tone of voice. I was taking breaths and she was taking my breath away.  Very good job."

Oliver Myers

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