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Easy Way to Go Vegan hard cover book is an essential guide to your vegan journey. The book includes all the information you may need to kick start your vegan transition. 



  • 'My journey to veganism' talks about my experiences, early conditioning and tips on how to transition.
  • 'Why Vegan?' chapter talks about the different aspects of the animal agriculture and how it affects your health and the environment, the pros and cons of being an omnivore and pros and cons of being a vegan as well as describes different types of vegans.
  • 'How is it made?' describes in a nutshell what happens behind the closed doors of a slaughterhouse, dairy or an egg farm.
  • 'FAQ' section answers most commonly asked vegan related questions which you will hear at some point in your vegan journey.
  • 'Recipes' section follows an easy traffic light system and includes of 40 fuss free and easy to make vegan meals to help you transition into the vegan lifestyle.
  • We will plant a tree for every book sold! To read more about it, click here.


"As an experienced vegan of 7+ years I wish I had this gem of a book when I first made the jump. From the main reasons to go vegan, the benefits, the things to watch out for, and through how best to transition, Magda has it all covered. What’s more, there is a full section of recipes that are easy to make: whether you feel like a burger, a full English breakfast, some fajita wraps or a cake, your tummy will be happy (as long as you actually make the recipes and not just drool over the beautiful images obviously!). But what makes this book even more special is its personal touch. Magda has already been on the journey you are about to go on and shares her beautiful story and tips in a very informative, holistic, and entertaining way with a true passion that touches the heart.

Anna Gecheva, Founder of Miss Organics


Easy Way to Go Vegan

  • If you would like your copy signed or dedicated to someone special, email us to let us know! 

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