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The importance of personal mantra

“I know I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life, therefore I demand of myself persistent, continuous action towards its attainment , and I Here and now promise to render such action.”

These words written by Bruce Lee echo in my head… The latest article about this world renowned martial art expert, philosopher and most importantly compassionate human inspired me to write this post.

I’ve been studying the importance of personal mantra for some time now on myself, clients and family. Firstly, let’s begin by defining the word: Mantra means sacred message in Sanskrit and was developed thousands years ago by yogis to enhance meditation and to promote enlightenment. In today’s world, mantra may help you reduce stress, calm down, stay focused on your goals and help you set priorities. In turn it can change your state of mind and thought psychology, as well as your mood. For me personally - it’s uplifting and powerful.

My mantra is quite lengthy however an extract from it reads: "I am powerful beyond all measure, I am an opportunistic, dynamic fearless champion who will never ever give up. {...} I am learning and following through to be the best I can be in all walks of life, I will deliver ultimate power stream of happiness, wealth and abundance to me and my family. Everything I need is within me now, I will lead not follow, I will set a new standard, I am the voice, I will step up, because who am I?

I am a champion! “

This mantra was given to me by my mentor and understandably – I’ve been using it ever since. It’s powerful, it’s full of energy, it’s inspiring - and every morning when I say it to myself it makes me feel exactly like that. I’ve been using mantra for over a year now and I see great results. I am motivated, driven, focused, I don’t let other people’s moods affect my happiness, my vision is much clearer and my mornings became beautiful routine of self-love and appreciation.

I know for someone who has never used anything like that in the past it may seem slightly long or even overwhelming however no one perfected a skill in a minute. If you are convinced, try small. Start with something that will empower you while looking at yourself in the mirror. If you are a person who for example does not have much self-belief start with “I am powerful and I am capable of greatness”, “I am constantly achieving good things” ,if you’re not happy with your image- start with “I am beautiful” or “I love you” (one of my favourites!). I believe that any change starts from within and nobody will do it for us, we have to do it.

Aristotle wrote “We are what we repeatedly do” and I truly believe that. I also believe that We are what we repeatedly say. If we use foul language towards ourselves (or towards anyone for that matter) it may hugely rub off on your body and your mind. All words spoken out loud or in your mind are energy, positive words full of encouragement and love will radiate and cultivate the same positive energies and so would the opposite. As a perfect example of how words can affect surroundings read the research by Dr Masaru Emoto and his study on how music, words and prayer affect water crystals.

Since average human body is made out of 55-65% water, do you think that we should be more mindful of our words and thoughts?

With Love,

Mags x

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