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5 tips to help you maintain your energy

A lot of my clients struggled to maintain their energy levels during the day when we first begun our sessions. Few blamed it on lack of sleep, others on kids, yet someone else on the weather. All of these things may have an affect on you however if you follow these few simple tips, it might improve your overall energy levels and help you spread that positive energy around! As a wellness coach it was one of my great challenges to work out the recipe for energy that can be passed on from one client to another and here is what I would recommend:

1. Start your day off right.

It's great to have a sleeping schedule to ensure that you go to sleep and wake up at roughly same times daily. Your body has a natural rhythm and following this might help you maintain the energy levels throughout the day. I always begin my day with a gratitude practice, I say my thank you for simply waking up and follow it with a glass of water.

Try this:

Instead of sleeping in or pressing snooze, try getting up straight away and bathing your body in natural light.

2. Eat healthy and regularly.

Eating healthy, nutritious meals will allow your body to release the energy slowly and consistently during the day. Make sure that your breakfast is built

up from healthy carbohydrates, good fats and healthy source of protein to kick your day off right! Always remember your 5 a day too!

Tip: Try having a shot of Aloe Vera every morning before you eat. The benefits of this start with improving your heart health, it's anti inflammatory, aids digestion, strengthens immune system, helps the skin and many more!)

3. Stay hydrated

Water is essential for maintenance and boost of your energy levels. It is your body's transportation system and help the necessary nutrients get where they're supposed to get. Your brain is mostly composed of water and drinking helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. Water also flushes out toxins, puts you in a good mood and is proven to be a great remedy for headaches.

4. Exercise

Benefits of exercise are really hard to ignore, There is no person in the world that would not benefit from it one way or the other, Not only it makes you feel better, gives you more energy but even adds years to your life! Everyone, regardless of age, sex or physical ability will benefit from regular physical activity, Exercised is proven to improve your mood as physical activity stimulates various chemicals in your brain that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. Weight loss and other health benefits will also probably make you feel better about your appearance if you continue working out regularly, in turn boosting your confidence and self esteem!

5. Turn off the lights

It is important to turn your lights out for at least an hour before bedtime. By lights I mean especially bright computer or phone screen lights. Bright lights reduce melatonin levels and fire up brain cells. Check out this article about how artificial light may wreck your sleep pattern.and what to do about it. Turning these lights off will allow you to have a better, restful night sleep.

Try these few tips for the next couple of weeks and see how it makes you feel.. Making a few amendments to your lifestyle may significantly improve your overall health and well being!

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