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Five Vegan Instagrams You Need To Be Following!

I love instagram – it was only when I started my blog that I realised how great the potential for influencing others and connecting with other vegans was. I love my little Instagram community, I like to be inspired and inspire others through it. I wanted to create a list of some of my favourite vegan instagrams, so if you’re new to veganism you can learn from these people just like I did at the start!

1. Vegan Sidekick (nsfw, strong language)

I think I actually stumbled across these cartoons on Reddit but later found the artist on instagram. This guy just generally pokes fun at the sort of reasonings people come up with for not being vegan in a (mostly) lighthearted way. The comics centre around the logic behind not being vegan and why it's nonsense in a kind of exaggerated way. It's hard to describe but it's extremely funny and if you're vegan or not you can see the humour and hypocrisy in these cartoons.

I love these cartoons because they have a serious message presented in a way that vegans find relatable, and that non vegans would have a hard time disputing. Very clever activism.

2. Abolitionist Vegans

So moving away from humour for a moment, this account focuses on the more real and serious side of veganism.

Although it's hard sometimes to know about the truth of the industries we are opposing, it's important to have that knowledge as it's the motivator behind everything we do. For me personally, now that I know the truth about the meat, dairy and egg industries - I could never go back to the way I was before.

This account is really great because it promotes a clear and consistent approach to veganism. It really educated me on navigating some of the more tricky areas of veganism and taught me to be definitive in my approach to being vegan. It also promotes educating yourself to be able to educate others which is extremely important.

3. The Save Movement (link:

Going to a vigil and bearing witness to farmed animals is one of the things I have yet to do but is on my list of vegan activism to be involved in during this year.

This is the account for the Save Movement who are made up of groups from all over the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US who bear witness to animals and take part in general vegan activism. It's really inspiring to follow them because they post regularly about the work they are doing and how you can get involved. They post real and up close photos and videos from the vigils which are extremely personal and moving and have really driven me to want to join a save group.

I think it's really important as a vegan to be aware and knowledgeable about what really happens and to be familiar with the suffering of those I am trying to protect - to witness them as individuals. I think it would be a really important chance to connect with other vegans and feel part of the movement and the community that I belong to. This account has really inspired me to do just that. My aim is that this year I will be able to report back about that.

4. Earthling Ed

This was the first person online that I came across when I first went vegan and I am SO glad that I did!

The way Ed talks about veganism and his activism is truly inspiring. He demonstrates how we can talk about veganism in a positive way that is more likely to encourage others. This is probably the single most important thing for me about being vegan – the way we talk about it to non vegans.

Through following Ed’s work on Instagram and YouTube, I have definitely improved the way I conduct conversations with others and I have managed to convince several of my friends and family to go vegan too using the knowledge I’ve gained. I honestly can’t speak highly enough about him!

He has a really good outlook and I’ve always looked to his videos for the answers to difficult vegan topics.

5. Easy Way To Go Vegan

No list of vegan instagrams would really be complete without this girl! I love her no nonsense approach to veganism, not to mention her instagram is just so beautiful and vibrant!

I love the Easy Way To Go Vegan Book - I've talked about it before on Glitter and Tofu, but it really is such a great resource for new vegans and long term vegans alike. I am also a little bit obsessed with the polish dumplings recipe and seeing this account on my feed always reminds me I need to make some more! It really inspires me to see other vegans really putting themselves out there and creating resources to help promote veganism. Making a change starts within your own circle and community and being able to connect with others who share that mindset is really amazing.

This is definitely the account you need to follow if you're looking for simple and delicious vegan food inspiration!

As a new vegan, these people were really influential to me and how I currently personally promote veganism. Being a new vegan can be a bit of a minefield - I transitioned overnight and was totally lost and just sort of doing my best! It inspired me to start my blog Glitter and Tofu where I talk all about how to go vegan and stay vegan so you can find me over on there or on my Instagram if you want to know more!

With love,

Luisa x

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