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Can you prevent or reverse disease?

“How not to die” is the subject of the book I picked up off the shelf at Barnes and Noble while on holiday in New York. I thought the title was quite harsh at first but then I realised that it's more thought provoking than anything else I found that day so I bought it. The author of the book, Michael Greger, is an internationally-renowned nutrition expert, physician, and founder of In his book he examined fifteen top causes of premature death in the US; heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and various cancers to name a few. The main principle of the book is the influence of nutrition and lifestyle on these diseases. What’s great and can quickly silence the naysayers is that the whole book is backed by very strong scientific evidence.

After reviewing tonnes of material as research for my book "Easy Way to go Vegan", I know that the food we eat plays a significant role in our health. As a matter of fact it's Hippocrates with "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" that inspired me to write it in the first place. Dr Greger separated his book into several sections, each of them dedicated to a different disease which makes it pretty easy to read and allows you to jump to the one you are really interested in. In my personal opinion, this book is something that every single one of us should read at least once. It is fascinating to know that simple lifestyle changes, elimination of certain foods and addition of others can prevent or even reverse disease. The part that I found truly fascinating is about reversal and prevention of heart disease and high blood pressure.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, author of “Prevent and reverse heart disease” and it was no surprise that I noted both doctors agree on the treatment of it. A whole food, plant based diet. Yes- diet. It has been reportedly shown in case studies that a simple diet change can prevent or completely reverse even severe heart disease and will eliminate high blood pressure too. According to studies, diabetes can also be prevented and in some cases reversed by following the same principle.

In addition to telling us what to eat to help treat certain health conditions, "How not to Die" also includes Dr Greger's "Daily Dozen" which is a checklist of twelve foods we should consume daily to prevent or reverse disease!

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found it fascinating. It also quite strongly agrees with what Hippocrates said thousands of years ago in 431 B.C “let food be thy medicine and the medicine be thy food”

Now the question is, if you could prevent or reverse a disease purely by changing your diet, would you?

Want to download your Daily Dozen checklist? Click here!

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