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Do you live your life at 40%?

Do you live your life at 100% or do you live it at 40%? I was asked this question yesterday and it stuck with me, just lingering deep in my chest.

It made me think about my last couple of weeks which have been fairly challenging for me from personal and professional perspective. I find that sometimes I am faced with these sort of circumstances just so I can test how strong I really am. Over the last few years of my meditation and mindfulness practice I learnt few very important things, one of them is the fact that everything happens for a reason. When I finally acknowledged that what I was going through was indeed a challenge and I was in need of realignment with my personal power, I quickly realised that this too was a lesson. The first thing that I said to myself was 'Universe has got you, it always does, trust it and let it lead the way.' I remembered that no matter what I do, I cannot control any of the external events, no matter what I do, I cannot control someone else's actions, I can however control my reaction to everything that is going on around me. They key is to catch yourself as soon as you realise you're thinking a negative thought about whatever it is that is going on, acknowledge it and appreciate the lesson instead.

I often find that we are scared to acknowledge that sometimes we feel helpless, it happens to all of us and it is important that we realise that it is ok to surrender. We forget that we're not only a human beings but we are being human too.

Do I live at 100%?

No, I don't, I do however put my everything to get as close to it as I can. I work for my goals everyday, I see my friends and family as much as I possibly can, I travel and see everyday as a unique opportunity to grow and learn.

I believe that there are things that we can do to get closer to the 100% mark. There are risks which we can afford to take, things we can allow ourselves to do. I have written few tips below on how to add some extra % to your daily life, I guarantee that you will feel happier, lighter and more aligned with your true self.

1. If it feels wrong, don't do it. Just do what you want to do.

It's that simple. We all found ourselves in situations which didn't feel right at all and you felt like doing something else could be much more productive. If it's doesn't feel right, don't do it. My friend and I went to a one day course together last week, we paid for it in advance but neither of us really felt like we should go. We did anyway. I was happy that I went as it turned out to give me a great opportunity to network however half way through my friend said 'I really am not feeling it, not sure what to do'. Without much thought I said 'Time is your most precious commodity, that's the one thing you will never be able to get back, so leave, go and do something that will give you more enjoyment.' It is that simple.

2. Whoever you want to be tomorrow, be today.

If there are things you want to do tomorrow but can do today, why wait? Just do it and have more time tomorrow. Be the person that you want to be today, why wait!

3. Don't be a people pleaser.

Be you and don't try so hard to please others. It is not going to serve you well. Do the things you want to do and do not think that you will lose these people if you do not do the things they want you to do. Because in truth, if they are real friends, they will come round.

4. Trust your instincts and take risks!

We all found ourselves in situations when something inside us was telling us "Don't do it! Don't Do it!", "Leave it!" or the complete opposite. I bet that 9 out of 10 times it was right. Learn to listen to it.

5. Avoid self-defeating talk.

That's the one thing that I practice daily, no matter what I will not say a bad word about myself to anyone, not even myself. My bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and my desk at work all have little post-it notes that point to how great I am so I can be reminded of it daily. I am not talking your kind of great, I am talking about my 'great'. I have notes that say 'You are smart', 'You are beautiful', 'You are powerful'. Yes, at the beginning it may be strange to brag to yourself about yourself, but "As you think, so shall you be" so chose your words wisely and learn to avoid self-defeating talk, it can turn into a habit and you will continue attracting this sort of energy to yourself.

6. Be kind to yourself.

I believe this does not require much explanation. We all mess up sometimes, be kind to yourself and forgive yourself quickly.

7. Let go of the past.

That's that one things that you can truly do nothing about. No matter what it is that happened in the past, the only thing we can do about it is learn from it and move on. As Buddha said "Every morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most."

8. Stay away from negative people.

You don't need that around you. We become who we spend time with so ensure that the people you surround yourself with are full of light, wisdom, passion and love. These people should make you feel good about yourself but also keep you grounded.

9. Practice mindfulness.

Look around you, see the trees, the birds, feel that gentle breeze on your cheeks. Feel how your clothes feel against your body, breathe in, hold it for few seconds and breathe out, feel how good it is to breathe.

10. Have gratitude.

I bet if I asked you to point few people who have less than you, you would be able to point them out very quickly. Be grateful for what you have and count your blessings. We tend to focus on the things we don't have most of the time but look around you and see how abundant your life already is. There is many people in this world who would do anything to be in your situation.

To wrap it all up I wanted to share with you one of my favourite quotes by Mark Twain:

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. "

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With good vibes and gratitude,

Mags x

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