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Magda Wieczorek

If someone asked me to describe myself in one sentence I would say: Passionate, energetic and truly ambitious with taste buds that never fail! 

I could also call myself "Jack of all trades" as knowledge is something that I will never stop pursuing.

I worked in fashion for most of my adult career which allowed me to gain a great understanding of the business world. From then on I qualified as Level 3 Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and finally completed a diploma course to become a Vegan & Vegetarian Nutritionist. I have also written and published my first book Easy Way to Go Vegan which helped me realise where my passion really lays. Read more.

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Peanut is my little assistant who was the main reason why I chose to go Vegan. She stays away from the kitchen but enjoys snuggling up next to me while I write the content in my bed just like she did in this photo above. She is my little inspiration as she made me think why her but not the other. What was the difference between her and the animals people choose to eat.

She made me dig deeper so she deserves a spot here :) 


I remember when someone told me that when I find my passion I will know that it was it. Going through dozens of business ideas every year I was focusing on the wrong things all along. I was thinking about money and things that would make me successful not realising that my life was passing by at the same time. I was working myself to the ground. Having worked in fashion for most of my life I thought it was going to be it. After all, I dedicated so much time to it. I would start early, work late, only so that I can get that next promotion or reach that budget or just so I can prove to myself or the people I work with that I can do it. Just as many of us out there, I was focusing on my career, or so I thought. I loved doing what I did but I would not be able to call it my passion. If you asked me if that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life my answer would be "Hell no! I want to run my own business". 

I associated owning a business with success, with money, with happiness. Truth is, I didn't know what happiness was until I was pushed into a situation that made me figure out what happiness was not. I figured out that Happiness to me was not late hours at the office, stressing over a deal that was taking over the time I could have been spending with my family, happiness was not reading work emails in bed at 10 pm and 6 am. Read my full story here.

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